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Doc & Rio Festivals


Doc & Rio Festivals is a company focused on film publishing and promotion through festivals. It was established in 2018 in Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil, and is devoted to education, distribution, and marketing of films in festivals worldwide.

REINEL GARCÍA PÉREZ (partner/founder)

Graduated in Media Communication from Instituto Superior de Arte, Film Production from International School of Cinema and TV (EICTV) of San Antonio de los Baños, and the School of Cinema Darcy Ribeiro (ECDR) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He also attended the EURODOC Training Program (2016), São Paulo-Locarno Industry Academy (2017), and Locarno U30 (2019). He has a published book, How to be a bridge, a manual for film production. He teaches at the International School of Cinema and TV (EICTV) of San Antonio de los Baños, and the Hospital of Projects of the International Film Festival Lanterna Mágica. He was General Coordinator of Nuevas Miradas Lab EICTV (2016) and Coordinator of the EICTV Production Chair (2017).  Jury at Brasil CineMundi (2020).

SIMONE DE SOUSA MESQUITA (partner/founder)

Archaeologist, with Ph.D. in Visual Studies (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and a Masters Degree in "Documentary Filmmaking" from the International School of Cinema and TV (EICTV) of San Antonio de los Baños (2017). She was Script Consultant for a 13-installment TV series, "Bom Dia Arqueologia" ("Good morning, Archaeology") - Season 1 (2013),  directed the series "Bom Dia Arqueologia" ("Good morning, Archaeology") - Season 2 (2020) and the feature docs "Cuba entre Sol y Luz" ("Cuba between Sol & Luz St.", 2018) and "Dias Na Antártica" ("Days in Antarctica", 2020). Jury at the Shorts Competition Cine Ceará (2019).

Doc & Rio Festivals

Rio de Janeiro 20270-243. Brazil


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  • Submission, lobby and follow up for short and feature films in festivals worldwide.

  • Consultancies for film producers, directors, and international press about submission rules, guidelines, and festival strategies. 

  • Workshops, masterclasses, and courses for film schools, labs, industry events, and forums.

  • Provide advice and information for representatives of the international press and buyers from the fields of cinema, tv, and home entertainment.

  • Website ( offering information about the films in our catalog.

  • Produce podcasts with advice and information about industry and festivals for a general audience.

  • We connect producers, directors, and press with industry events and distributors.

  • Promotion of film marketing actions in festivals.

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